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Enid v. The Snarky Mummy



Enid v. The Snarky Mummy


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♡ JULY 6th, 1957: the day lennon met mccartney spam ♡
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When Higuain hit the woodwork



When Higuain hit the woodwork


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This map shows the percent of Western US counties’ populations that are Mormon.


This map shows the percent of Western US counties’ populations that are Mormon.

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"Fetch" as a euphemism has been around since probably before the 1970s. It’s most commonly heard amongst missionaries as slang in situations where you’d hear "dangit" or "shoot." Fetch and fetching are used in the place where fuck and fucking would be used when not referring to something sexual. For example, you’d never hear, "They totally fetched last night."
It’s an incredibly marked word, though, among Mormons and recently-returned missionaries, if they used the word on their mission, will often make an effort to eliminate the word from their day-to-day vocab.
I heard the word in my high school in Spanish Fork, UT, which was over 90% Mormon. But even in high school, it was a marked word and those that used it were made fun of at times.
I served a Mormon mission in Brazil from 200-2001 and Brazilian missionaries would use the word, having no concept generally that it was a euphemism for “fuck.” The pronunciation was [ˈfɛ.tʃi]. The borrowed word was also used inside of expletive phrases like “Oh fetch, meu,” which roughly translates to “crap, man.” At the time when I served there were 27 different geographical Brazilian missions with roughly 200 19-26 years old missionaries per mission. This fairly large number obviously helped in the word’s diffusion. Mormons native to Brazilian tend to use certain words or phrasings adopted from English simply because about 60% of the Mormon missionaries that serve in Brazil are from the U.S.
When I saw Mean Girls and heard the line, “Stop trying to make fetch happen,” I laughed right out loud because I knew that it had long since been a part of a Mormon subcultural dialect for decades already.
I admittedly said it on my mission in sort-of a hipster irony way. Which probably makes it all-the-more abhorrent.


In response to my post yesterday about why fetch didn’t happen in Mean Girls, I heard from several people that fetch is widely used among Mormons and/or Utahans as part of the fudge, freaking, flipping family of euphemisms for “fuck”.

There’s a brief mention of “fetch” as a euphemism in…

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Researchers at Brigham Young University are studying ways to prevent urine ‘splashback’ when men use the toilet. ‘Hurry up!’ said men in khakis.

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awwww my alma mater doing good

Text 22 Jul

sihipop said: Hi! Thanks for the reply. All of the very few Mormons I know are liberal and almost leftist, and they naturally knew about this stuff. However, since Mormons are the most conservative religious group in America (and even your average American is conservative from my POV), I'm willing to bet my sample is crooked. So I really have a strange view of LDS. Perhaps the Mormons outside of USA know less about this, as it's likely not something they advertise to converts?

I’m a liberal, as well. A lot of my friends are conservative and they know about the supposed “shocking info” from the NYT article.
I’ve been to a few countries outside of the US and have been amongst members in those areas. Politically church members are much more liberal in other countries. But, like you said, the US is a fairly conservative country. Since there are more members outside the US than in, the church members tend to be more liberal overall. (Talk about irony.)

Really what I think knowing/not knowing about the stuff from the NYT article depends on the curiosity of the person. I served a mission and would answer any question, I didn’t shy away from things. Our focus was generally on the basics of faith and the like. But I people in being open about all things, which has actually strengthened by faith in God.
I don’t know the man in the NYT article, but I don’t get how he couldn’thave known about all of these things. Seriously, some of them I knew about by the time I was 13 or 14. Blacks and the priesthood debacle pissed me off as a child.

I have no delusions about the whole story getting out in a relatively short online article, but my friends and I have had 15 minute conversations about these issues in our lives that have had more depth. It’s such a complex issue for us. We have a deep belief in God and his gospel, yet see the difficulties in our church’s history.
To be honest, any honest member of any religion, political party, etc., should have doubts and questions.

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New York Times:

In the small but cohesive Mormon community where he grew up, Hans Mattsson was a solid believer and a pillar of the church. He followed his father and grandfather into church leadership and finally became an “area authority” overseeing the Church of…

I grew up in the Mormon bubble in Utah County, Utah. I’m now 34 and I knew about all of those things in the NYT article. None of the things listed were “taboo” subjects when I was growing up. Any belief system is going to have its problems. Any system is going to have its problems.
I have questions; I have doubts. Sometimes I struggle with aspects that I don’t understand or disagree with. At times it can be really hard for me.
But I’ve known about all of these things since my youth. My siblings know about them. My friends know about them. Members in various congregations I’ve been in know about them. In fact, in my circle of Mormons, the number of people that know about these things dwarfs the number of people that don’t know about one or all. All of us are trying to understand for ourselves how these aspects play a part of our religious history.
So, yeah, that NYT article didn’t really give a correct portrayal of Mormons with questions as a whole.

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Perhaps the most important tumblr project of all time.

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